Covid Information Text


Due to the COVID-19 Virus Epidemic throughout the world and in our country, our valued guests must fully comply with the rules we have stated below during their stay at our hotel. Our guests acknowledge, declare and undertake that they will comply with these rules unconditionally and unconditionally in order to avoid any behavior that threatens the health of other guests and staff working during their stay at our facility. Hoping that we will overcome this difficult period we are going through with the joint efforts of all of us, we request that you fulfill your responsibilities completely at this point. Thank you for your understanding and sensitivity, we wish you a good holiday.


  • Fever measurement is required for health and safety reasons at the entrance and exit of our hotel, and it is not possible for our guests who do not consent to this to stay in our facility.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in the common areas of our facility. Your mask will be given by our hotel upon your request.
  • You need to use the disinfectants placed in various areas in our facility at regular intervals during the day, and washing your hands frequently is important and necessary for the health of yourself and those around you. It is essential to strictly follow the hygiene rules.
  • It is necessary to keep the distance between you and those around you by obeying the lanes drawn by our hotel in order to guide the social distance rules in reception, restaurant, pool, lobby and public areas.
  • It is forbidden to enter the pool without taking a shower.
  • In the event of a suspicion of Covid-19 Virus in our guest, our guest will be isolated from our other guests and staff in our room, which has been reserved by our facility as a precaution, until the intervention of the healthcare professionals.
  • Verbal and written announcements made in the hotel for warnings must be treated in accordance with.

I have read and understood the above mentioned accommodation conditions and additional obligations. I have my consent in terms of temperature measurement and other requirements to be stipulated for health reasons. I accept, declare and undertake that I will comply with the rules introduced during my stay, otherwise I will not stay at the hotel.